5 top tips that will help you to generate content ideas

As businesses, we mostly focus on the technical side of the things such as promotion, optimization and conversion. However, without quality content, even the best and most promising marketing strategies can fail to yield result. So, how do you get sure that the blog posts, articles and social media posts that you are creating are being liked and shared by the audience? This is where the most important thing is to generate content ideas. Content strategy comes into the picture and gives your content the edge that it needs to get popular among your audience.

However, often coming up with new content ideas feels like a daunting and time-consuming task. Thus, that is why most marketers find it easy to neglect this task. But this approach can prove your undoing and you may find that your content is not getting the popularity that it should get. Therefore, it gets important to generate content ideas that are trending and are being shared by majority of the people on the web.

So, in this regard, here are 5 important tips that will help you to generate great content ideas for your online marketing campaign of your business. 

1. Communicate with your audience

The most obvious way to generate content ideas for your online campaign is to interview your customers when you are starting to offer a new product or service. So, what you can simply do is to collect the feedback from them about their tastes and preferences. You can also set aside some time to collect the data available online in the form of reviews and feedback.

Apart from this, you can ask your customers on different social media channels about the type of content that would like to consume on regular basis. Thus, you can very easily form an idea about the type of content that you need to create and share among your audience to gain more popularity.

2. Learn from your competition

The second tip that you can follow to generate content ideas is to learn about the content marketing strategy of your peers. If you and your competitors have similar type of customers, then it is important that you know the type of content your competition is sharing on the web.

If you find that the content of your peers is more popular than yours, then it is in your best interest to assess your content strategy and change it for better. Once, you acknowledged the fact that your content strategy needs to be revamped, you can take inspiration from your competition to come up with new content generation ideas.

3. Use a research tool

The third and one of the most important strategies is to use a content research tool like Buzzsumo. It is similar to Google for content that attracts the greater number of shares on the web. Besides, you can search different types of keywords on Buzzsumo and it will feed you with the content that has been shared the most and is relevant to the keyword of your business.

Once the results are in front of you, look through them and see if you can identify with them against the keywords that are relevant for your business. Moreover, the best thing about the Buzzsumo platform is that it breaks down the shares and likes with respect to network. This allows you to get a fair idea about which type of content is popular where on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest.

4. Check out Quora

Sometimes it can get difficult to find out where actually your audience lives online. However, that is not much of a problem as you can simply focus on generating content ideas by starting with a set of keywords based on your industry or profession

For this purpose, Quora can prove to be extremely vital as it is one of the few places where people gather mostly for discussion and for sharing their experiences and for getting answers to their questions. Also, people who ask questions on Quora are aware of the fact that they can get answers and opinions from the experts. So, this makes the online platform a highly valuable source where content ideas can be obtained.

5. Follow the trends

The final and one of the most popular strategies to generate content ideas for your business is looking out for trends on Google and on social media. This would help you to have a fair idea about the type of content that you need to post on your social media channels.

You can use Google Trends to find out which topics are popular now or were popular in the past. Use this tools to generate content ideas and or check if your idea is popular.

When you use your social media analytics, you can gauge as which type of content is working and which is not. Also, you can use your analytics to find what your audience prefers in terms of the content on different social media platforms.

Although content marketing is very important for any business, it might be difficult. These are only a few strategies that can help you to come up with new content ideas. Have another option? Share with us in comments!

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