How to name your online community: tips and tricks

The word community is all about speaking about your desires and connecting with others. The main benefit of the internet is its ability to bring different people together having the same interests in communities. No matter whether it is about computer gamers, guitar players, cancer survivors or anything there is community for each and every kind of person. Online communities can even help businesses as well. In fact, there are so many companies which have gained some or other benefit by building their own community online. So, here are some of the ways that can guide you on how to name your online community.

Why is choosing the right platform vital?  

Even if you already know how to name your online community, choosing the right platform is even more important. And if you are not sure about the name, this decision can help you with that. You can choose between two kinds of forums. The first is the one which revolves around the same interest and the other is having informational nature. In case of sharing interest forum, you are basically bringing people together who have common interest. They can explore as well as connect with other people. Collaborations play an important role here.

On other hand, informational forums are the best when you are planning to create a space for community search where content related to the services and products you are dealing in can be shared. Once you identify engagement type and case, you will come across number of features supporting your community. Some of these features include customer support, integration, deeper analysis, platform flexibility, good user interface, ease of use and more.

How to understand importance of audience? 

You can make your customers stay loyal towards your brand by keeping in mind that all relationships are two-way. It is vital that you provide them with a reason for which they must remain loyal and stick to your brand. Always make them feel appreciated and included. Blogs can be helpful to bloom your business, but if you treat it as a place for bragging or just a corner place for publishing monologues then nobody will feel excited. Your blogs work as beginning of dialogue. It is starting point of interaction which can actually take different turns.

You must make your audience comfortable and make them feel that they are simply talking with a friend. Now the days are gone when companies keep distance from audience. So, if you do not do this in today’s date then it can bring your business down. You should attach a good tone with your brand and adapt a language so that it matches with your community.

The name of you online community is also important here. It must be clear and have a meaning so people could better understand what it is all about.

How to name your online community? 

Choosing the right name for your community is really important. It is vital because customers will know you with that name and do not get confused with any other online business. In fact, it will even avoid taking misspelled version of your business name. So, keep it simple and easy. If you pick a name which is too narrow then it can cause number of problems. Never choose a name which is too long or difficult to spell. Doing this can limit your business reach to specific place or product.

If you lack ideas of how to name your online community, think of the main concept of it. What do you offer? What can people find there? How do you differ from your competitors? The answers to these questions can help you with getting a few nice ideas for naming your online community. And if you are still not happy with what you have (or you have nothing) try these name generators to get some ideas:


Oberlo Business Name Generator


Try to be creative. Think about what name you would find interesting and appealing. Ask your friends for their opinion – sometimes the best idea is a results of a group work!

You have named your online community – what’s next?

Congratulations, your online community finally has a name! But how to promote it? There are several ways to do it.

At first, make sure you create all important visual elements. These are your logo, website design and anything else that is related to the name and brand of your online community. Not only the name but your visual identity too has a huge impact on people’s opinion. Try to think about how you can differ from you competitors, what colors you can choose that would represent your online community in the best way.

You can also try various online marketing strategies to promote your new online community. Think about social media, email marketing or other ways you can reach your potential users. No matter which strategy you decide to you, remember to think as a customer. Define where they are, how to reach them and what they are interested in. All these things will help you build a stronger marketing strategy.

One of the biggest challenges is to decide how to name your online community. Be patient, take your time, think through a lot of steps. The name will represent your community so think about it carefully. A good brand name speaks for itself – who knows, maybe your online community name will be an example of that?

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