Registration + login

Embed a fully customizable registration nad login form anywhere you want with many customization options.

  Social media accounts sign-ing/register

Allow users with Social Media Accounts to signin/register instantly.

  Register field control

Control which fields are required for registering, which fields users can edit, which fields are private, and so on.


Tooltips and custom redirection support during registration.

  Profile fields

Create unlimited custom profile fields of any type – text, drop-down, radio checkboxes.

  Front – end login

Highly interactive and easy to use front-end login.

  Register form roles

Give each registration form an automatic assigned user role (subscriber, customer, manager, etc.).

  User profiles

Unique and eye-catching user profiles that can be changed completely by your desire.

  Elegant profile card

All the users will have a beautiful profile card customized by your choice.

  Post author card

Customize the layout and appearance of the posts authors’.

  Promote specific user.

Ability to promote a specific user based on user’s activity.

  Social network

Set up a social network for users, having ability to add or remove its features.


Allow your users to follow each other seeing notifications of new posts and other actions.


Set up and customize connections between users.

  Activities feeds

Add activity feeds for users to stay up to date with connections’ activity.

  Viral marketing!

Take advantage of users who connect to your website with a social network account (e.g. facebook, twitter, etc.)

  Automatic posts on user’s timeline

When a new user connects to your website with his/her Twitter account, UserPro will automatically publish a custom post or tweet on his/her wall or timeline.

  Customization of automatic post

The posted message can be fully and easily customized in your UserPro admin panel.


You have the ability to add hashtags to the viral post on user’s timeline to attract not only his/her followers but other users as well.

  Social extensions

Integrate referred add-ons and plugins with ease and be sure they will run smoothly and will be supported.

  Plugins/add-ons integration

Integrate referred add-ons and plugins with ease and be sure they will run smoothly and will be supported.


Auto-sync WooCommerce fields.


Sync UserPro profiles with BuddyPress profiles.

  SVG Avatars

Integration with SVG Avatars Generator WordPress plugin.


Integrate user points/awards system through myCred.

  WPML compatible

Integrate WPML with ease and enjoy smooth translation.

  Many more!
  Restrict website access

Stay in control oh who can reach your website, certain pages and so on.

  Content restriction

Restrict any content for certain users or global users without membership.

  User invitations

Ability to allow new users to come to your website only through invitations.

  Custom redirection

Instead of not allowing to access your website at all, redirect users to your desired website or a landing page.

  Support and tutorials

We provide a very detailed documentation on how to set things up as well as how to fix them. If things are still not going well, our superior support will make you happy again!

  Getting started

Install, reinstall, upgrade and default setup guide.


Most common easy occasions that can be found in our troubleshooting documentation.


A list of all available shortcodes and all possible options and variations for each shortcode. Quick and easy way to display any future on your website.

  Developer's integration guide

This guide is for developers and users who want to integrate their UserPro plugin using php.

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