Pre Sale FAQs

Can I take payments & subscriptions from my members with UserPro?

UserPro does not have a feature to take payments. You will need to integrate with another plugin which offers this feature if you woud like to charge your members for access to your site.

Do I need to have Buddypress or BBpress installed for this plugin to work?

No UserPro does not rely on Buddypress, BBpress or any other plugin to work. UserPro only requires a WordPress 3.5 or higher installation to function correctly.

Does UserPro hide the WordPress Dashboard from users?

Yes, UserPro makes it possible to hide the dashboard and the WordPress toolbar from all your website users apart from the admin. With UserPro your website users will never know your site is built with WordPress as everything is kept on the front-end for the end user.

Is UserPro multi-site compatible?

Yes, UserPro works great with WordPress Multi-site installations (version 3.5 or higher).