5 best WordPress user profile plugins in 2019

We talked before about best WordPress membership plugins, now we will talk about 5 best WordPress user profile plugins in 2019.

So, you have worked hard to get more and more people on your site, you now have a visually attractive website, with call to action button, but people still don’t create user profiles on your website? What possibly could be the problem?

Easy registration is one big factor which helps you to determine whether people sign up for your website or not. Getting more and more people interested in your site by making the user profile registration simple is another method. You can easily customize the registration procedure effectively with WordPress user profile plugins. They allow you to include custom field like time zone, phone number etc.

Luckily, you don’t need to learn coding for this or even hire a coder for it. All you need to do is to choose one the best WordPress user profile plugins in 2019. You will come across hundreds of them. Just find the one which is well-rated, affordable and yields support.

What to look for in WordPress user profile plugin for your website?

With so many WordPress user profile plugins available online, not all the recommended for you. Every WordPress user profile plugins offers different features so you have to be careful with the ones you want. Take a look at some of the WordPress user profile plugins in 2019 to choose from:

1. Youzer – WP community and user profiles plugin

Youzer is a community user profile plugin and is highly recommended for your business. It comes with all the features you need to add life to your site and provide users with more space to express their feedback and interact with you.

What makes Youzer different from the others is its responsive and appealing design which comes with header variations, admin panel with more than 700 options to give you control over community, 22 profile widgets and 16 colour schemes. It also provides you the capability to include unlimited tabs and unlimited widgets.

Another thing which makes Youzer the best WP user profile plugin is the bulk of powerful social media features it puts on your site right from Status, Notification, Follows, Feedback, Notices, Reviews, Bookmarks, Sticky Posts, Member’s Directory, User Tags and more.

Youzer also featured enhanced and safe membership system which you can use to manage signups. It provides its users with social registration and login, login pop up, ajax registration, limitless registration fields, captcha, toolbar for users, information privacy and much more with just one click. It is integrated with famous plugins like Woocommerce, mailchimp, buddypress and mycred for all these reasons and rating which the plugin received.

2. Userpro- WordPress user profile plugin

Userpro is yet another renowned WordPress user profile plugin which permits you to draft searchable member’s directory. You can easily create personalized and elegant looking profiles which offer a lovely user experience. The plugin also features completely responsive design and high quality design elements and animation.

The plugin is translation free and comes with support of 12 different languages. You can also select from the different skins available and change the layout. You can also avail the benefits of 350 Font Awesome icons.

All the specifications allow you to create easy and good looking user profile with an appealing and fully functional interface. The plugin works amazingly well with the WordPress theme of 2019. It also makes use of SEO norms and has a social connectivity integration with easy sharing

3. User Profiles made easy plugin

The plugin does exactly what it should: it makes your user registration simple. You can integrate login registration and wipe out the complication of users having to register on the back end. You can also customize the sign-up forms by including personalized fields. You can also personalize it as per your site. The plugin has a completely responsive design which permits members to use email or username, CAPTCHA to avoid spamming, auto sync support from woocommerce and more.

4. WP Everest

User registration plugin offer you a simple option to create front end user registration as well as login details. The plugin is used to make membership websites with registered users. Users can easily edit their profile info from their account page. The details can also be dragged and dropped to make form creation simple and easy. The plugin is very light in weight and can be used to create all types of registration form. It comes with hand features such as email notifications, admin approval, recaptcha, automatic login, role selection etc. You can enhance the plugin functionality with social login, mailchimp support and more.

5. Ultimate Member

It is one of the best WordPress membership plugins in 2019. This user profile plugin helps you to create a front-end user registration and login. It also permits you to add custom fields in your form. It also has a conditional login feature for the registration forms. It permits you to personalize your registration form and display input fields depending on the user’s earlier information input. You can also opt for drag and drop form builder to create the forms easily. Use recaptcha to get rid of spammers.

These are some of the best WordPress user profile plugins in 2019 which you can use to create user login and automatic setup login for your website. These are easy to set up on any WordPress site. Add them to your user profile plugins plans to make registration process simple for your website and make your website one of an easy to login sites for the users.

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