Different ways To Create an online community with WordPress

To Create an online community with WordPress appears to be a piece of cake, but it requires a lot of effort, time to develop a community website. A lot of people have this idea that installation of WP plugin to their present website can create a social platform their targeted audience. But, it is not so! WordPress is undoubtedly the best way to create an online community, but you need to prepared for brainstorming. You can choose to create an online community with WordPress in the form of a public forum, social networking site etc.

What are the different kinds of community websites?

Before you start to create an online community with WordPress,you should know what exactly you want. Concentrate on creating an online environment where users can easily interact with one another efficiently. But, keep the security and privacy of users as your top priority. Users should be clear about what they want from your site and their reason for sign up. Here are kind of website you can develop for different community types.


Forums are quite famous and preferred online community websites. Usually a panel is created to serve your purpose and develop awareness amongst people. However, it can also serve different purpose depending on what your website has been developed for and what your website it all about.

For example, if you have made a product related forum, the consumers can pose their feedback and complaints and seek solution from other users. Rather than waiting for the support of the company, members can resolve the issue on their own.

If you are a service provider, then people can discuss your service related issues and treatment options available from one another.

Community blogs

They are same as forums but specific features make it different from forums. The forum is surely the best way to communicate social, but community blogs have their own standards and ability. They give viewers a higher chance to put their opinion and get heard by everyone across the world.

It offers space to users to upload and publish their content. It is the ultimate option to generate content via your audience. It helps in bringing people and content to your website and develop great audience engagement.

Social networking sites

They are different community blogs and forums. Social networking sites do not just help visitors to discuss about the problems and their solutions, but allow them to create social profiles, send and receive friend lists and message one another. Under the site, members can create communities for different user groups.

How does a plugin help to create an online community with WordPress?

Plugin always help you like a magic wand to create an online community with WordPress. If you don’t have any idea about coding in social community website, then a good plugin can do all the work for you. Just choose the right plugin compatible with WordPress and you can attract several visitors to your website and engage them. Some of the famous plugins to create community with WordPress are given below:

1. Userpro: Community and user profile plugin for WordPress

With userpro, you can easily do anything and create a reliable WordPress community site. Some of things, it offers you are:

  • Create your own community with the help of member’s directory.
  • Give user a custom profile.
  • Personalize registration
  • Forbidden access to content depending on the membership level.
  • Allow social connect and immediate profile synchronization through Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and linkedin.

2. Youzer: WordPress user profile plugin

The plugin concentrates on creating good community and user profiles. It provides several tools to allow the users to personalize their profile and community page. Some of the services it provides are:

  •  Social login
  • Completely personalized with different color schemes, header designs and profile widgets.
  • Completely responsive design
  • Lot of specs like points, reviews, rating, comments etc.

3. Ultimate Membership Pro

For subscription based communities which provide access to other services and products as per your membership level, this is the best plugin choice. It helps you to:

  • Create your subscription with different membership fee standards
  • Offer different levels of access to content depending on your membership standards.
  • To manage your membership form, pages, content etc.
  • It releases content at periodic intervals as per your subscription time or level.
  • Plugin comes with integrated payment gateways
  • It comes with email marketing platforms.

4. Bbpress

It is highly recommended for forums. It is a forum plugin made by Automattic. It permits you to include a simple forum to your site by including “Participant” as a new WordPress user role and get people assigned for this role to create content on your forum. It comes with hundreds of extensions available.

5. Buddypress

It works best when used with a social network program. It is also recommended for use on forums. It allows your community to create user profiles, private message one another, form groups and communicate with one another in ways which go beyond what possible on your site comment section.

6. WP Membership

If you want to be overwhelmed with lot of features, then WP Membership will help you get beautiful, well-designed templates for your membership website. Some of the templates to choose from are:

  • User profile templates
  • Two sign up
  • Pricing table templates

Simplicity makes one of the best features of this plugin. You don’t require to configure too many things on your site. Just install and use it. It helps you create email templates, settings at the time of installations and other important pages. Some of the other specs are:

  • Mailchimp assistance
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Free and paid memberships

So, there are few ways to create an online community with WordPress and you can choose one that best for you.

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