How to choose the best WordPress Community Plugin?

WordPress Community Plugin could be the best choice for your business. Social community sites are in all shapes and sizes. It can be public and private, or with membership and open forum. It can be social media and professional networking.

WordPress is the ideal choice to make your own social network website or application. It is an extremely versatile Content management system.

It contains a variety of powerful plugins and themes from companies all over the world. Also, it has both free and paid plugins. All these plugins and themes are going to be key for your own social network or community website on WordPress.

Plugins are developed independently. You have a little control over its quality, and they have known to be the cause of heartburns over the years. It is the reasons for poor development, lack of support, or incompatibility with your WordPress version or other plugins and themes. You will find plugins in the themes.

How to choose the best WordPress Community Plugin?

A social community website can be a great addition to your existing brand presence. It is a great way to start a revenue-generating online business.

You can use these WordPress Community plugins and themes to take your website to the next level in terms of both functionality and design.

 Look for functionality

You need to narrow down what features and functionalities you need. You need to search for the plugins. It is the most obvious place to search for the plugin in the plugin repository. Another way to get some good community plugin is to use google and use the plugin’s desired feature.

Read Description

You need to check plugin Functionality and Description. You need to check whether plugin works as per your requirements and most of the features are matched with your requirements. You can check some plugin’s screenshots or demo. Every plugin comes with a star rating from 1 to 5. It depends on the number of votes from the community. It is not the best factor to know how good plugin is. It gives a rough idea.

Read All the Reviews

Read Reviews about the plugins and research about the plugin author. All the reviews will tell you whether customers were happy or not. It highlights the issues with community plugin. It is an excellent way of knowing if the plugin is widely appreciated or not. More the number of downloads, it will be more popular. You can check the plugin stats to know about trends. It gives you the right picture of how the plugin is used.

Look if it is actively maintained.

You need to make sure the plugin is maintained, and you need to look plugin before installing. WordPress plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of your website. A plugin which is not actively developed and is not in use can lead to some problems on the website. It is always advised to choose actively maintained plugin.

Check if Plugin works correctly or not.

You should look plugin is working properly. You can check for vulnerabilities if your community plugin has.

Free Vs Paid

WordPress is free and priceless at the same time. It is free to use open source platform and priceless because it is simple, quick and flexible for creating blogs and websites. It has paid plugins and plugins free to use. People make plugging for various reasons for free. Some do it since it is exciting.

You need to take a backup.

All the filtering process is good, but plugins always pose threats. Hence it is always recommended to take backup your site before installing the chosen one.

There are WordPress Community Plugins that is easy to choose and use in your business website. You can choose free or pain plugins and themes in WordPress and get the best tools to create your community.

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