WordPress is one of the most popular platforms which is being quiet commonly used by the developers for designing the websites. Almost every second website these days is being designed using this platform and WordPress plugins.

The major reason why this platform is so commonly used is because it is very easy and simple for you to design the websites using the WordPress platform. But as with every other platform, you need to make use of the right kind of tools for designing your website using WordPress plugins.

Here are the best tools mentioned for you to build your WordPress website with the services they are good at!

#1 UserPro – create your online community in a few steps

UserPro is one of the most common tools which are being used by the developers. This WordPress community plugin offers you highly elegant and customized themes for your websites. With UserPro, you can create unlimited profiles, user cards as well as restriction on the access of the website.

#2 HumCommerce – analize your website

Another very popular WordPress tool is the HumCommerce. It is being used quite frequently by the people around the globe as a WordPress theme. It gives you search analysis and heat-maps on the website. HumCommerce helps you to know the product and services on which you are getting the best response.

#3 GetSiteControl – is it a viable option for you as a developer?

Another very common option is GetSiteControl which is a cloud based app and thus offers you a chance to get highly customizable website. It gives you options such as e-mail widget, contact widget and promotional offers as well. There is also share media and follow options as well available on the website making things simpler.

#4 Survey Funnel – will Survey Funnel help me in getting the best survey done?

Survey Funnel is another common tool for the developers to help you get the feedback from the customers. The tool is ideal for any kind of customers. It is also compatible with CRM to make sure you can have highly automated website with ease.

#5 WP Legal Pages – will WP Legal Pages help you to have control on the legal policies?

This tool is one of the most popular WordPress plugins considering legal issues. It is very helpful for you to declare all the legal policies of your company on the website itself. There is no need to have any additional lawyer or take any additional information regarding the legal aspects by making use of this tool.

#6 BackUpBreeze – how good is BackUpBreeze for having back-ups?

Back-up is another very important aspect for you and BackUpBreeze is a very powerful tool to help you save all the data of your website. The best feature of the tool is that it allows you to have automatic back-up with ease.

#7 SiteGuru – auditing made easy

It is also very important for you to audit all the important aspects of your website and this is where SiteGuru shows its real value. Out of many WordPress plugins, this is especially very helpful for the SEO updates as well as the technical audits of your website. Thus, it makes things easier and simpler for you.

#8 WP Page Templates – how will it help in the page building?

WP Page Templates is another very popular tool which helps in creating highly creative templates for your website. The thing that makes it well suitable for anyone is its flexibility and ease of use that it offers to the designers.

 #9 Icons8 – how to add icons on your website?

This is where the Icons8 comes to your rescue. It helps you to add as many icons on your website as you want. It is very important for you to have icons for different products and this tool makes things easier for you. The drag and drop feature for the icons makes things quite suitable for anyone, even a novice in the development.

# 10 WP Raffle – how will it help in the marketing campaigns?

Marketing campaigns are the best way to promote your products amongst the audiences. With WP Raffle things get smoother for you. You can enhance the promoters on social media as well as getting the email subscribers list. You can also import the entries easily to your software so that you can come up with the future campaigns in an even better and easier manner.

So here we listed only some of the greatest WordPress plugins and tools that can help you to create an amazing website or online community. However, every user has different demands and requirements so you should decide which tools work best for you!

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