What Kinds of Membership Sites Can You Create?

Membership sites are a common type of WordPress websites getting developed. There are a number of types of Membership sites. However, not all the WordPress sites with the option of creating a user profile can be considered a membership site.

In WordPress Membership sites, the users usually have to incur a cost or a responsibility to be able to access certain benefits provided by the website. Depending on the type of setup of your website, the interaction methods have to be defined so that the user will benefit from your website, by purchasing a membership. However, the type of membership site will only function if you are able to attract users who are willing to register into your site. Therefore, your product/ content offering has to be appealing for these users so that they are willing to register themselves in the site.

WordPress do not have restrictions to the type of membership site you will develop as long as you have the correct setup plan and the tools to create the membership site. The first step of developing the membership plan is to create a solid plan for the site. When creating a plan, you have to figure out what type of a membership site you will develop. Below we have discussed the main types of membership sites that are currently been used widely.

Product Access

The membership sites which enable product access as a result of the membership are mostly in the eCommerce area. An example for a setup of a membership site with product access can be when an eCommerce site, which sells products of a certain category, prompts its users to create membership in their site for a fee or to get their newsletter with latest products and news. As a result of the membership, the users will have access to products which cannot be accessed by other normal users or they may receive discounts for their purchases. These benefits are only exclusive for the users who are enrolled as registered users in the membership site. This is one of the most popular types of membership sites available for eCommerce sites.

Content Access and Subscription

These types of membership sites are mostly common with online news providers. The users have to in most cases, purchase membership as a subscription to be paid in monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions and in return they are able to access exclusive news articles only the members are able to access.

Most of the traditional newspaper agencies around the world are now focusing most of their energy on providing access to news online as paper news are now getting outdated slowly. The reasons are the advent and the increasing use of online mediums and also the depreciating greenery as trees are cut in millions every year to create paper for newspaper. With global warming and environmentalists raising their voice, most traditional news agencies are cutting back on “news on paper”.

As a result, the news are now mostly online. However, the revenue model of these online news agencies is selling subscription to their content. As a result, the users now have the access to online news sites and their exclusive content by paying a subscription fee.

Community or Social Sites

Community or Social membership sites are aiding users connect with one another probably with the same interests. These sites usually help in developing the user’s network and connections and will help them in their professions or business operations. To be able to access these networks, the users have to most likely purchase the membership up to a certain period, probably yearly or quarterly.

These membership sites manage forums which can only be accessed if you are registered member of the website. Using these forums, the users are able to gain valuable insight in developing their careers or business activities. For example, in a forum dedicated to software developers of a certain area, the members can post looking for a solution for a certain issue or they can post looking for opportunities in that area or post looking for roommates who too are software engineers, etc.

Educational Sites

Educational sites are one of the most popular WordPress website types. In these types of membership sites, the users are able to access courses provided by these websites, by enrolling as a member for a payment. Depending on the type of membership purchased, the users are able to access certain programs offered.

Above discussed are some of most prominent types of membership sites available. However, the website developers are very creative that they come up with different membership models every day. It is important that you get a clear idea of the type of membership, the benefits and the billing aspects when developing the website.

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