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Running an online community with success is a huge task these days. There are many online communities based on WordPress community plugin. The competition over here is quite fierce and you need to update everyday in order to stay ahead of the competition. The most attractive thing on your online community is the content that you tend to put in your community.

People like to discuss and debate over the hot and burning topics. However, you also need to put the content in an attractive manner. Most of the social communities fail to reach the lofty standards because they are not able to engage the audience with enticing content for their community.

You need to be very quick and adept with what you want to bring to the table on your community. Only then you will be able to get the kind of engagement that you are looking for.

Why is it smarter to plan of the week ahead?

You should always have a plan in your week about how you are going to engage the audiences for the next seven days. You should analyze and anticipate about the taste of the members. At the same time, it is also helpful for you to come up with the short notes that will describe what can be expected in the upcoming week.

For example, you can plan to talk about one WordPress community plugin on one day and the other one – on the other day. You can even create a discussion then and let members choose their favorite WordPress community plugin. Your weekly blog should be enticing to keep the audiences anticipative about the contents that they will be able to have in the next week.

This weekly broadcast about what can be expected in the next week can be the fuel that will help in taking your community to the levels that you want to. This is why the manner and style of writing should be perfect. It should hit the right nodes as far as your audiences are concerned to help you reap the right kind of rewards.

Asking the members about the posts?

You can enhance and encourage the participation of the members if you allow them to ask the questions. Let them also have discussions on the topics they want. You should carefully read the reviews and thoughts of the members. Make sure that their posts are popularized in the right manner.

But it is your job to filter the content and make sure that the top quality posts are on the top of the page. The members will also feel additionally participative and thus you will definitely make some good business out of it.

How smart is it to go for the interview of the members?

This is another very smart thing that you can get to do in order to enhance and encourage the participation of the members. You can check the most followed posts of the members and allow some of them for an interview.

Let’s take an example of the WordPress community plugin. If your posts have attracted quite a lot of attention, prepare for the interview. You can ask some of the members about their favorite WordPress community plugin, their experience and some advice. Real-life examples are the best to attract audience. Members will find it useful and start looking for more posts like this.

It will also encourage the audience to be more participative as they might also get a chance to be interviewed. The audiences also like to hear from their fellow users and thus you will definitely have enhanced user engagement for your community.

How about going for the interview of the VIPs?

If your community is not getting the kind of popularity that you wish to have, then this is probably the best thing that you can get to do. Everyone is interested in watching the interview of the VIPs and your ratings are bound to increase.

You can even have polls on your community to ask users which VIP they would like to get interviewed. You shall try to get the VIP with maximum votes interviewed. It will surely enhance the engagement on your website. This technique is used by most of the popular social networks and helps them with attracting new members on every VIP interview.

What else?

In addition to this, there are various other things that you can get to do in order to enhance the user engagement on your website by coming up with magnetic content. You should also make use of the WordPress community plugin. It will allow you to enhance the appearance and have additional control of the community.

You can also have a gossip column which is surely going to attract a great chunk of audience. One more advice – go for monthly reviews and come up with member of the month to enhance the participation of the users.

There are many ways to improve your user engagement. Do not be afraid to try all of them and see how each of them works!

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