9 Tips To Build An Online Learning Community

There is a saying that “it requires a village to raise a kid”; keeping this phrase in mind it can be stated that it takes an online community to educate an online student. In this article you can read about the most successful tips to build an online learning community.

How to set up an online learning community?

Every one of us enjoy being part of a particular community or more. It is basic human nature that they prefer surrounded with people. But it is absolutely different when we talk about an online learning community, where the environment lacks the personal touch for which human beings generally crave for. But the good news is that you can bestow a sense of belongingness in an eLearning environment as well, regardless of their personal goals, background and location. Let’s study the tips for setting up an online learning communityto match the needs online learners and to support them.

#1 Tip – Do you understand the needs of your online learners?

Learners would be more interested in an online learning communityif it is really offering them real value. They visit the community to build up their knowledge and skills. That is why a thorough audience requirement research is the most important part of the entire community building process. Before, setting up an online learning community, you must understand the needs of the learners you are targeting at. You can conduct polls, surveys, online pre-examinations, interviews to understand their expectations. You must divide the learners under different groups to create personalized section, for each of them. It is not easy to please everyone but you can build a better community with the help of genuine learners feedbacks.

#2 Tip – Did you install a WordPress plugin?

WordPress is basically designed for content and an online learning community can reach a large number of people through its information and content. Therefore, a good WordPress Plugin such as “UserProPlugin” designed specifically to manage communities online is a must to have. By installing such plugins, you will not have to start your community from the scratch. It provides a direct engagement between the content and targeted audiences. The WordPress Plugins are easy to be customized, as well which is why they are the best choice for building an online learning community.

#3 Tip – Did you try to enforce the Netiquette rules?

Anywhere where a group of people are present at one place whether or not virtual, a difference of opinion is bound to happen. But, thanks to the Netiquette rules, it doesn’t lead to any sort of conflict. It is very important to mention the way the learners can behave. For instance, respecting the thoughts other participants is an important rule. It is crucial that you decide how violations should be treated and what repercussions will be faced by the learners for misbehavior.

#4 Tip – Did you consider building a personal connection

Building a personal touch is very important for the success of an online learning community. Since, every member has its own experiences, personality and taste and if they are taking out time for online community then you should also take some time off from your busy schedule to know them personally. You can have an introduction board where learners can freely share their personal views.

#5 Tip – Are you choosing the right platform for online collaboration?

You can find a huge variety of collaboration platforms but only one would be the best to match your needs. Plus, it is difficult to manage resource for multiple collaboration platform, at one time. Online forums, social media websites are example of some tools. It is important to estimate the level of collaboration that your learners may require. This is an important tip where you can make your users feel more comfortable by providing access to important tools to satisfy their learning requirements.

#6 Tip – Have you tried getting the expert opinion?

Of course, there are leaders and expert in every field therefore you can get in touch with them to learn and get better ideas. They can motivate and improve order amongst the members. They are quite passionate and supportive. The can host meetings for learners to get honest feedback from them. Becoming a leader in field requires time, commitment and dedication and using their experience to guide the newcomers is a great way to promote your community online.

#7 Tip – Why not offer shareable content?

This is one of the most effective ways to expand your online learning community. You can share valuable resources, information and tips such as short tutorial videos to encourage the learners to share it further amongst their personal network. The feature of social media sharing button makes this process easy and faster.

#8 Tip – How about creating a central hub?

You need a space where your members can get access to the community resources and to the latest news updates. Having an eLearning forum or a website can work as a central hub for learners to explore the resources. You can gather the required information at one centralized place.

#9 Tip – Have you tried developing sub-communities?

Sometimes, learners are hesitant to take part in online discussions when there are too many members involved. That is why one should develop sub communities. It offers a customized experience to the learners. To set up a successful online learning community, you can create sub-community to place learners with similar objective, in a group.

There are some of the best tips that lay the very foundation for a reputed and well-organized online learning community.

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