5 indicators of a great online community

An online community has become one of the biggest tools that help you to carve out a niche for your brand on the online network. With changing times, the inclination of people towards the online portals has increased greatly which is why most of the brands have their online portals. An great online community is the place that allows the users to be interactive. Thus, the people are more likely to be converted into prospective buyers if you are conveying the right information in a powerful manner.

A well managed community can do wonders to your business providing you with more than one benefit. But the bigger question that will pop out in your mind is how you will be able to adjudge whether the community is running properly or not.

Here are 5 major indicators that can tell you if you have a great online community.

#1. The interest of the users

The interest of the users is the prime indicator that the community is being run properly and this is the only reason why people are interested in you. If the offerings in your online community are good, the interest of the people is bound to increase. This is an indicator that your community is able to achieve the targets that you laid out for them.

The interest of the users in your posts and blogs shows that they care about what you think. It shows a trust that they have on you. When they are able to trust you, they will bank on you for making their choices which will definitely take your business to new levels. It will also enhance your market report which is a key factor these days.

#2. Google ranking

This is another important criterion to adjudge how good or how poorly your community is performing these days. The ranking of your social community in the Google ranking when the users search for the products and services that are on offer from you is a key factor. It indicates how many people are going to click on your link and show interest in your offerings.

If you are in the top five search results, then chances are high that people will visit your website. But if you are lingering at the bottom, no one is bothered about you. Thus you will not be able to generate the kind of customer base that you wish for.

#3. The enhancement in the members count

Another very important factor that shows that you have a great online community is the number of new members that are adding up every month on your online community.

The metrics of success for any institution is the growth that it has on a monthly or annual basis. So, if the count of the members on your community is increasing every month and if more people are joining than the previous month, then you really have a great online community. On the other hand, if this curve is downward, you need to worry a little and make sure that you are bringing in the changes that are required.

#4. Member engagement

Having the members on your community is one thing, having active members is another thing. This is the key indicator of success of any online community or social network. A great online community becomes great by the engagement of its members.

If there are enough people that are having their presence on the online platform and actively participating in the discussions, then you have done a great job. You should always look to encourage the members about contributing and then you will definitely have a successful community.

#5. The buzz on top social networks about your community

This is another thing to know whether your community is successful or not. Do not just look at the trends on Google. Make sure to check some of the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram amongst others. These social networks show you the kind of impact that you are creating.

If you are performing well, people will talk about you on these platforms and you will trend on them quite frequently as well. The bigger buzz people create, the more popular and successful your online community will become.

06These are only some of the indicators of a great online community. You should analyze your community well before making any changes. New features usually bring more success, however, make sure you know your audience and what they like. Only then you can manage your online community successfully.

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