20 Best WordPress Membership Plugins on CodeCanyon

WordPress is a great CMS to use since you can customize it really completely using plugins. There are even plugins where you are able to manage the membership of your WordPress site, in order to restrict content to specific users. And if you want to create a way for you to manage the users on your website, then you need to use the following WordPress Membership plugins on CodeCanyon. Visit our website if you want to get an awesome user and membership plugin.


For those WordPress administrators that need a bit more control with their user and membership creation, this WordPress plugin is the go-to for a lot of people. If your goal is not to restrict content but to control community through premium memberships then this is also the plugin for you.

Front-end user profile creation is very robust with really necessary features such as email verification already included along with this plugin. With it, you can restrict the creation of new users on your site, and you can even have members get new badges on their profiles too. It includes email marketing tools, a searchable member list and it also allows new users to register with their social media accounts and have their roles.

Paid Content Packages Subscriptions

This is a plugin that allows you to create a subscription-based membership for a certain number of users. With it, you can restrict content, and also add a slew of other features such as paid content viewing, coupon membership management, and a whole host of other features.

WP Membership

If you want a no-nonsense membership plugin, then this one has got all you need. It basically has got all of the features that you could ever ask for and more. With this WordPress membership plugin, you can create levels of different membership options. And you can also allow users to either have a one-time or recurring option for payment.

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

The name of this plugin isn’t for marketing alone, with it you can really have all of the options to create memberships for users. You can create, display and have different tiers of different membership options on your site. Various payment options are also supported by this plugin.

WordPress Premium Content

For those that have got PayPal as their preferred payment option on their site, then this is the plugin for you to use. And in addition to its native PayPal support, there are also security features as well, such as IP-detection to prevent multiple logins from a single IP.

5sec Link Remover

Managing links on a WordPress website, especially specific links that you only want certain members to see is important. And this plugin works quite well for that purpose. With this plugin, you can stop certain users from seeing links on your site, which they are not supposed to be seeing.

WP-Members Membership

All of the basic WordPress membership features can be found in this plugin. But you can add ads to your WordPress website too, which can help you advertise your paid membership options to the other users of your site. So if you want to attract more paying members to your site, then this plugin may work wonders.

WP User Frontend

As a user profile editor for frontend users, you should find that this plugin works really well. It offers your frontend users tons of different customizable options for creating unique and attractive profiles. And of course, it also allows site owners to create different kinds of user profiles based on membership.

User Profiles Made Easy

WordPress user directories are incredibly crucial for social sites. After all, it is through these directories that people are able to find and interact with each other. And that is why you need to use this plugin if you are a WordPress admin that wants to create a strong community of members.



The niche of this plugin is for building landlords and their tenants. With this plugin, you can build a site to help you manage the tenants in your building. You can manage user profile and member data, and also show fees such as monthly maintenance and other data.

Good LMS

If your website is mainly focused on online education, then this is the plugin for you. Using this plugin, site owners can create and sell content that is mainly focused on selling lessons to users. You can, for example, set up specific private courses for paying members.


Service-based business websites can find this plugin very useful. As the name of this plugin suggests, it is all about managing appointments. Through this plugin, your business’s members can manage, book and even reschedule their appointments for your business on your site.


This is another plugin that focuses on a niche market, which is for gyms specifically. Gym businesses can allow their customers to create user profiles based on their gym memberships. They can even allow their gym members to pay for their memberships right through the website as well.

Modal Login Register Forgotten

This is a modal login user registration form that can be incredibly useful for WordPress site owners that want more customizable options. Since it comes in modal forms, you are able to create your own login widget, change registration email and a whole lot more.

Custom Login & Access

The main selling point of this plugin is that it is simple to use. You are able to create login and user profile registration rather quickly. And you can also set various kinds of membership options simply too.

SMS Register

This is a plugin that allows you site’s members to create and verify their user profiles through SMS. This can be a more secure options for WordPress sites.

WP Accept to Register Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Every WordPress site needs to have a term of service page. So you need to include this plugin to allow new members to see your site’s TOS and privacy policy.

WordPress Expire Passwords

Managing security for multiple premium members can be easier with this plugin. You are able to create temporary member passwords that expire, and even stop two users from using the same password too.


This plugin lets you create unlimited membership levels with all types of trial periods as well as payment options. You can also categorize different membership levels into  “Membership Groups”. This lets you create predefined upgrade pathsMemberPress gives you a variety of reports so you can see how your site is performing.


The main advantage of this plugin is that you can create both membership levels and bundles. It is also a great option if you want to restrict content. MemberMouse lets you restrict by posts, custom post types, pages and categories.

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