10 Best WordPress User Profile Plugins of 2019

Now that you have made a website using WordPress, you probably want people to stick around and use it right? Well, if you want to keep people on your WordPress website, especially if it is a social platform, then you have got to allow them to easily create profiles. Thanks to the many WordPress user profile plugins, member registration is rather simple. These plugins make it really easy for a lot of people to register and create their very own profile on WordPress. Here are some of the best WordPress user profile plugins that you can get for user profiles on WordPress.

1. UserPro – User Profile WordPress Plugin
It is simply an all-in-one plugin to help you create a complete community site. UserPro offers beautiful front-end profiles, login and registration for WordPress. Besides these, UserPro comes with loads of other features like social connect and integration, viral marketing, user badges, verified accounts, content restriction, public/private activity feed and more. Create amazing user profiles like never before with UserPro which offers various customization option of profile at your disposal. Your guests can register and log in using their favourite social networking site: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and VK. You can restrict content at different levels from individual pages to the whole website. It is simply all-in-one plugin!

Please see how easy is to create custom login forms and fields for your WordPress site:

Other user profile plugins which have quite similar functionality:

2. S2Member
There are two tiers of this WordPress user profile plugin, a free and paid version. For the free version of this plugin, you have got all of the basics. You can create user registration forms, customize a frontend user profile customization, and so much more. The one feature that the paid version has is member restriction. With the paid version you can restrict the certain content of your WordPress website to premium users. And it even has PayPal support, which is really useful for a lot of WordPress site members.

3. User Profiles Made Easy Plugin
Just like the name of this plugin suggests, it makes creating user profiles really easy and simple. If you need a basic plugin for WordPress profiles, then you should definitely look into installing this one on your site. There are tons of features that you can integrate into your WordPress site, thanks to this plug. These features include login information, user profile customization, and frontend profile creation as well. There are a whole lot of other features that this WordPress plugin supports, and you can easily add them to your site as well.

4. Restrict Content Pro
If you want a way to charge users on your site for a premium membership, then this WordPress plugin works perfectly in that regard. Few other premium plugins work as smoothly and as simply as this one plugin. For example, if you want new users to opt for a paid option for a better tier of membership on your site, then you can easily add that feature along with all of the basics such as front-end user profile creation, just by using this one single plugin. You can even restrict certain content on your site to certain users as well.

5. Youzer – WP Community & User Profiles Plugin
You can breathe in more life into your WordPress website, using this community and profile plugin. This is because if you want to create a community website wherein users are able to interact with each other, then you need some way of allowing them to interact through the use of their user profiles. And this plugin works extremely well in that regards. Users can create profile posts, community directories and a whole lot more all thanks to this user profile plugin.

6. WooCommerce Memberships
This is another one of those premium WordPress plugins that you can add to your site. If you need an alternative to the other paid-membership user profile creation plugins, then this one also serves quite well in that regard. It is already very useful for those that already use other WooCommerce WordPress plugins on their site. And in addition to allow a user to charge members for paid memberships, all of the basic features of user profile creation are there as well.

7. MemberPress
This may be one of the more basic WordPress plugins for user profiles out there, but it offers a solid set of features that you and your users should find very useful. Creating and setting up login profiles for your users is really easy. And using this same plugin you can even let your users see tiers of membership and the availability pricing that you can offer them. You can add and create membership plans for user profiles at the same time. And if you want to restrict access to certain pages on your website, such as posts and profiles, you can use this plugin the same way too.

8. User Meta
This is one of the best free user profile plugins for WordPress. It offers all of the basic and much-needed features for creating and setting up user profiles on WordPress. This can include login setup, user profile creation, and even premium membership pricing too. And as the admin of the WordPress website, you should also find this plugin very useful as well. This is because it allows you to manage the user profile data of your users rather easily.

9. Users Ultra
This is a really good WordPress plugin because it has several integration features with other popular WordPress plugins, such as MailChimp and WooCommerce. Front-end user profile creation is also really stunning with this plugin. With this plugin, you can add detailed graphics, photographs, and also a clean and easy to use layout for your users to create profiles. There is even a free version of this plugin, which has got all of the much-needed basic features.

10. WPEverest
If you need frontend user registration and login creation forms, then this is the plugin for WordPress that you need to get. It provides a simple and clean form that new users are able to fill up whenever they want to register for a profile on your website. The plugin also offers tons of options for simple profile customization for its users. And there are also a lot of natively supported features such as captcha for Google. And if you are the owner of the WordPress website, you can easily create forms using this plugin using various easy to use features.

Hope this list of WordPress user profile plugins will help you to find the best solution to your business.

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