What is UX design? 10 important tips

UX design is not a difficult subject to understand but still, people like friends, family, and employers from the tech industry ask what is UX design? There’s still confusion surrounding the industry and that may be one of the reasons UX designers’ first tasks are considered to be bringing future output.

The reason for bringing this post is to understanding of what is UX design, and what it entails. If you are thinking of beginning a career as a UX designer then use this blog for equipped and clear vision and a future they can hold. Let’s begin with the first question.

What is UX design?

UX designUser Experience design. UX design holds a lot of responsibility for the website and it entirely focuses on the interaction between real human users and everyday products and services, such as websites, apps, etc. The entire concept is a compilation of psychological aspects, business, market research, design, and technology.

With a brief understanding of what UX design is, we will further move ahead on what is the role of designer. The term UX is not new; rather its existence is noticed since the early nineties, dubbed by Donald Norman, when you used to work as a cognitive scientist for Apple. He was keenly interested in all the aspects of a user’s experience with a service or product that includes industrial design, graphics, interface, and physical interaction. After all those understanding he came up with the term user experience.

The history is vast but here is the short description that explains the origination, which continued to grow seamlessly and enhanced the success in the market. The demand for designers is increasing, so as the technology in the market is evolving with the best salaries and growth.

What is the role of UX Designer?

If you are thinking of exceeding the career as a UX designer, you should know how it works on a daily basis. As the concept of “what is UX design?” is clear, you should know what kind of project you will be working on and what to expect from yourself and work both? As the UX designer, you will be entitled to make products and technology usable, enjoyable, and accessible to people.

UX designers are part of a wider team and bridge the gap between development, user and stakeholder. When you are working on a brand new product you have to come up with things beneficial for the user and introduce those features or make changes that uplift the product. The overall experience of the user can be balanced by UX Designer for the websites, mobile apps, software, voice designing, AR and VR (sometimes.)

There are a variety of specialized opportunities for UX designers like they can do service designing for multiple industries.

Why is UX important?

Every design is now user-centric or emphasized to be user-centric and describing and justifying the complete significance of designing on it won’t be correct. It’s simply that it is important because it deals with users’ needs developed from codes, creating usability and web accessibility making websites differently.

To build interaction, you should focus on aesthetics and brand that are necessary for the website feel. The process we suggest is a design decision, client presentation, done, go for the revision and ask the client. A simple procedure for witnessing the transformation of the web and users accessing the website will have an effective result.

Currently, users are using websites mostly via mobile phones, landscape browsers, and different types of internet connections. All the web-based products need to be accessible i.e. universal access of the product, working on screens including traditional input devices, broadband connections, and older mobile devices and so forth.

10 important tips for UX designs

Here are the important tips you need to be considered and important for working with UX design.

  1. Understanding the audience’s requirement essentially requires research and observation of who the target audience is. Meet with the client and pend down the requirements.
  2. To be a good UX designer or have the best UX design, you need to put yourself in the user’s shoes. Ask yourself questions: are these comfortable designs, are these readable, or can these designs give on-screen guidance?
  3. To make the product admirable in all devices, it should be responsive, whoever owns a mobile phone, and laptop or tablet can see the site from all the devices effectively and efficiently.
  4. Always be prone to iterative development that involves gathering useful information from evolution methods such as user testing. With the feedback and behavior analytics, it will help in insightful designs and experience.
  5. Don’t go on with too much scrolling, which most of the websites and mobile applications come with errors. There is a variety of scrolling and choosing the necessary one is important.
  6. Never forget to use proper typography as it elevates the entire UI designs and will make it more compelling. So, it is important to put the right typography that looks elegant and readable at the same time.
  7. Don’t launch the website directly rather create a prototype to test the techniques and working of it. Launching at one go may lead to disaster and loss of manpower and money both.
  8. Never restrict yourself to explore the new trends in the market and with the evolving technology day and night, it would be suggested to be up-to-date with any new design trend and innovation.
  9. Use the principle or model KISS that stands for “Keep it simple”, completely work and based on philosophy.
  10. Content is always a King and will be, so keep updating the content on the website and it will help you to rank on search engines.

In conclusion, hope you enjoyed the reading and information. Get your website done with unique and creative styles.

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