Online community marketing. What can we expect in 2020?

Why it is important to understand how online community marketing works? Digital marketing and social media have become synonymous, going hand in hand! However, social marketing has become static than it was a few months ago and you may not end up with same promotional results.

People change, platforms evolve and new marketing platforms are into existence. This influences people to react to these marketing strategies as well as the marketer to reach out to their audience. Thus, marketers have to understand and be ahead of the curve to ensure correct marketing techniques are being put to use.

How does online community marketing help the marketers in engaging audience?

A major part to get valuable experience from online platforms is to engage brands with their target audience. You can share posts which you think your audience will love. Also you can to maintain and enhance your social media presence. You also should interact with your audience in more number of ways other than simple share or like.

A lot of popular brands have huge social media following. But when you look at their posts, their engagement levels are pretty low. And, the brands which see higher engagement of their audience enjoy so by doing online community marketing about their content.

Though communities aren’t a new concept, but brands are using them in so many innovative ways to avail its benefits even in 2020.

There are brands with B2B and B2C who have huge following but no real engagement. Hence, the conclusion is that your online presence should enhance your reach and deliver more conversions.

How can beginners start with online community marketing?

For novices, it is important to acknowledge your efforts and remain in contact with your target audience. Also, Social media platforms are an amazing option to see everything from one position. Right from the creation of posts to distribution, monitoring as well as data analytics. Evaluate what is working for you and what is not. Do not be scared to try something innovative.

  1. Motivate your team to draft their individual social media presence to market their content and enhance brand image and trust. This proves to be an authentic voice for your brand.
  2. Twitter chats allow creation of a sturdy sense of community via content, combining thought leaders from different fields to indulge in real-time conversation.
  3. It provides the brand a grand opportunity to engage directly with present and prospective customers.

The potential buyers love to hear about the brand from the present customers – so provide them a place to do that with online community marketing.

How do you enhance your brand image with online community marketing?

Going for social media online community marketing is just the start. You have to create a group and get more people to join without any guarantee that they will engage for sure. It is also your responsibility to create engaging content to get them talking, motivate real-time conversations and debates and boost the feeling of community. When you do this, it will keep the people engaged with your company. Also it helps you bringing new leads and clients, thereby adding a slightly personalized element to your brand.

The pay-to-play social media

Well, the days of just posting content and people coming up to engage has come to end with the pay-to-play social media becoming highly prevalent with all social networking platforms. As a brand, you are primarily at a disadvantage. It is why it has become more essential than before to actually engage on your online community marketing platforms.

It is not just about engagement to make your content appear better. But actually it is necessary to thank the people in your community who aren’t just commenting or engaging with your content. It is important to reach out to them proactively just like a social media user to would do to an online friend. If you want your company to progress through online community marketing 2020, then this sort of brand humanization is of great importance.

Will personalization of online community marketing be a good option in 2020?

2020 is the year of personalized online community marketing. Consumers no longer tune to generic ads which have no connection to them. Traditional advertising means are getting less and less effective. Hence, you should opt for personalized online community marketing. 90% of the audiences have found personalization appealing. And, 80% shared that they are likely to give their business to an organization which has a personalized approach in their online community marketing. So, do not miss the chance to interact with your audience in a meaningful way through an online community.

How does Artificial Intelligence help in online community marketing?

AI is exactly what it sounds. It is the use of robots and bots to function like humans. Furthermore the online communities in 2020 will use different features of voice assistants. Also, chat bots and AI to find quick answers for your problems

Alexa and Siri have proven to be highly helpful voice assistance rendering amazing customer service. Just like this, online communities can also answer all your queries online and work behind the scene on the behalf of the company.


With so many fields of marketing, community marketing and social media marketing, there are a number of changes that the company needs to make to keep up with the changing trends. So, this is why one should know the online community marketing trends of 2020 across different channels to stay ahead of the curve.

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