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Have you ever tried to open a membership website or platform? Have you noticed that on your first time, you are required to fill up forms, before you can login? Those are what they called user profile plugins. Most of user profile plugins are developed and designed by expert to make give membership platforms and websites more functionality. This will enable websites to be more responsive, user friendly and make it more flexible to interact with other platform. In return, businesses that run a membership websites will be able to attract a big share of the market. In this case, you will be able to make a user profile form for your members.

We will be focusing on some of the popular user profile plugins for WordPress:

1. UserPro – community and user profile WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you will be able to make a searchable members directory, customized user profile and it has also features a very responsive design and resolution.The plugin has a translation capability and can translate 12 languages. It has 350 fonts to choose and many more features. This makes this plugin, a very powerful tool for your website. This will help attract the much needed traffic and it makes it your design user friendly.

Please see how easy is to create custom login forms and fields for your WordPress site:

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Some other user profile plugins for WordPress site:

2. User Registration-WPEverest. This plugin provides simple and easy way to create front end registration and login form. Profile details are easily editable from their profile page. Its flexibility makes it very light to use and you can use it in creating different types of registration forms. Short code support, google recaptcha, email notification and other basic features, makes it popular, among website owners.

3. Ultimate Membership. One of the best user plugins, it has front end user registration and loign and boost of a edit profile option. With this plugin, you can customized registration form and display input fields. Its drag and drop built-in features ads more flexibility to it.

4. Youzer-WP Community and User Profile Plugin. This plugin comes with all the features, that will make your website lively. It has feature that allows your users to express and interact with other users. One of its popular features is its social media adoptability. It is capable to be integrated to many social media platform. This plugin also is equipped with an advance security features and it has a very unique design and modern design. This is well designed and well featured plugin.

5. Restrict Content Pro. One of the best in the market, It enables you to charge users of your website and at the same time, you have the capability, to create unlimited membership levels. It is easy to set up, has a very active customer support, It also provides reports and also support PayPal payment.

6. Member Press. A very easy to set-up plugin, with a very good feature. Login accounts, pricing and thank you page are automatically set up. This plugin is best for those who are in tutorial or selling lessons.

7. S2Member. Is a popular free membership plugin. It is available for download, and it supports paypal. But it has a pro version, which contain more features than the free one. This plugin is good for beginners, who don’t want to pay for a plugin. This will allow them to try using this powerful tolls and at the same time feel the importance of these plugins ,in attracting customers to their platform. After familiarizing all the functionality of the free version, they will look for more and me end up taking up the pro version.

8. Registration Magic. Because of its advance features, you can create both registration and contact forms simultaneously. Creating custom fields with multiple components, is one of its best features. It has also a feature allowing the user to name and describe

9. User Meta. Another free plugin that allows adding of custom fields to registration forms and profile page of the user. It has also a premium version. The free version is already enough for trial purposes. You may download it and examine all its features and functionality.If it gives you satisfaction, you can opt to upgrade to the premium version.

10. User’s Ultra. Another free version plugin, has features such as recurring payment and M
Mailchimp and WooCommerce integration.

11. WooComerce Membership. This plugin is designed for woocommerce user only. It has features to allow giving your members discounts.

Any of those plugins mention earlier are great and they have their own set of features, that will be helpful to your site. But you have to make sure that the plug in is compatible to your version of WordPress. Each websites and platforms has different purpose and different ways of attracting members. Some sites, will show off its design, others will boost of its functionality, while others stick to their simple, but powerful features.

Now, before you decide to download, any of these:

1. First, consider your purpose of having a website. Is it to attract and accept unlimited members?
2. To sell any informative or educational learning materials to a selected individuals?
3. Are you aiming to have a social dating site?
This all needs different plugins, to make it work productively. Look for plugins that has features, that fits your requirements. Make sure that you downloaded a plugin, that will produce miracles for your site.

Last thing you will need to consider is the cost of such plugin. The fee in downloading the plugin, the support available and the mode of payment. Is it yearly, quarterly or weekly. That will be a very important consideration to make, because you can’t afford your subscription cut-off, in the middle of a business transaction.

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