LEGO online community case study: what benefits do they get from it?

Online communities have become so popular in the recent times and the success story of brands like Starbucks and LEGO are an inspiration for many of the new people in the market that are looking to set up their online community. The toy brand company wasn’t one of the most popular ones by the time LEGO online community was launched but with time they have grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the attraction generated by their online community.

The online community is one of the leading ones in the market and is making all sorts of buzzes and also noises in the market. It has made its name to the top in a very short period of time thanks to the innovative and out of the box approach put in by the developers of the community. LEGO online community is one of the leading communities with audience base in millions but the best thing for the community is that most of the members are active on the community which makes it an even better platform.

What are the benefits that the gets from the online community?

There are so many benefit that they ripe from their online community which has also helped their brand to grow. They have become the top toy brand in Japan just because of the engagement on their community and a wider number of audiences recognized the name of the brand. In addition to this, audience base has also helped the brand in many other ways which are illustrated further.

How the LEGO pull in the ideas from their community?

One of the best things that have happened for the brand ever since the LEGO online community has become popular is that they have been able to get the newer ideas from their active audience. Before going to launch any design or product, they put the idea before their community and await the responses from the audience.

The audience also tend to give their responses in zeal because they know it very well that their idea might be the next design for LEGO. Thus, this interactive communication between the community owners and community members has made things very smooth sailing for the community.

LEGO marketing

The first thing about marketing any product is to create inquisitiveness amongst the people for your product. This has what LEGO has achieved via their initiative of putting in the ideas of audiences into their own products. The people get curious about which one will be selected and also how it will be put into the product by one of the leading toy brands in the world.

At the same time, there is also immense competition amongst the people to get their ideas selected and so the company is never short on ideas as far as the launch of new products is concerned. They always have some very good ones in the market.

LEGO online community also rewards the ideas that are selected in their new product. This is an added thing which encourages the participation of the members and makes them to stay tuned to the community.

LEGO online community case study: what benefits do they get from it?

How much of an impact has my LEGO story made on the community?

The second most popular thing about the community that has made it one of the leading brands and online communities in the world is my story idea. Here the community members get a chance to share the memories with the LEGO toys. Moreover the best stories are published on the LEGO online community.This is what keeps the audience interested and everyone is anticipating for new and interesting stories.

Furthermore, they also get to think that their stories may also get published in the online community. This also has an impact on the sales as people tend to buy the LEGO products in order to create their own story. Thus, it gets to provide numerous benefits to the brand and has helped it to grow throughout the world.

What is the value of stories?

There are many interesting stories on the community which may get you teary eyed, bring laughter on your face, make you remember and rekindle your kids’ childhood amongst many other things. This is why the idea has worked so well and number of people provide with their own LEGO story. This helps the community owners to have a lot of content for their page and they don’t have to sit and work on their content. On the other hand, everyone has a different story, so the content on the LEGO online community is versatile and different something which keeps the members interested in the community and makes things easier for them.

What about co-creation with LEGO?

One new thing that LEGO has started in the recent times is partnering and co-creating with some of the top brands. It has helped both the parties as the community has new content and ideas and the co-partner can get a platform to promote their new products.

It has partnered with some of the leading brands such as BMW and has worked on designs with them. The brands have got some very good ideas from the online community members and thus are also greatly benefitted by partnering with LEGO. Most of the companies get a lot of word of mouth publicity which is a key aspect for any brand and also helps a great deal in enhancing the value of the brand. For the LEGO online community, they have gained sponsorship and partnership from those brands which has helped them economically as well.

This is one of the reasons why LEGO is more actively involved in the co-creation these days and is tying up with new brands on every occasion.

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