Starbucks online community case study: community building

When you talk about the online communities, the Starbucks online community is right there on top. With their hard work, passion and innovation, they have crossed all the hurdles and have an audience base in millions. They are an example of anyone who is willing to start a new online community with the kind of success that they have had with their venture. There are so many people that are coming up with online communities with every passing day and Starbucks is an inspiration for so many of them. Starbucks online community is an inspiration for every new and upcoming player in the market having proven itself to be the very best.

But the journey was never so easy for them & they also had to struggle and crawl their way to the top. With successful things, there is one thing for sure, there is hard work put in day in & day out by the makers. With Starbucks, there was nothing different and there was proper planning that was put in place along with hard work which made them so successful and inspiring for everyone. So, here is a sneak peek into the world of Starbucks and how they have become such a big brand in quick time.

How it all did start?

When you look at any story, it is very important to look at how it actually begins. Starbucks was a popular house but as an online community it had to work hard in order to make its way to the top.  The number of members in the Starbucks online community was pretty few in the first few years and then slowly and steadily, they start giving more and more importance to the community members.

They started looking into how they can get more involvement from their community members and this is where it all started to click for the Starbucks community. They started to make their way to the top usurping various top online communities and more than being the top coffee brand, it also became a top online community.

How big a move was giving chances to the online community members?

The community was a common one and was steadily growing since its inception but the master move of pulling the ideas of the subscribers and members changed everything for the Starbucks. Things started to get better and the members started to get more and more involved.

Starbucks online community case study: community building

My Starbucks

The best thing with the Starbucks online community is My Starbucks idea that anyone get to share with ease and make an impact on the other community members. This is what has prompted the community members to get more actively involved in the Starbucks community. When you know that you have a chance of your idea being published as the new blog and at the same time get some good money, why won’t you be interested?

This master tactics from the developers and runners of community has made it quite a hit amongst the members. Every member now tries to come up with some idea that has the merit to be Starbucks idea. The first thing Starbucks online community is that they do not need to come up with a new idea every day as the viewers do the job for them.

It is no easy task to come up with a different idea and story on each given day and this is where My Starbucks idea is a huge plus. You don’t need a thinker and writer by your side to help you with a story because you have a readymade idea for you.

On the other hand, when any community members watch his idea being published as the idea, the faith in the Starbucks online community is enhanced. At the same time, there are also others who start to put in added efforts in order to make sure that they can come up with similar ideas to be the hero of My Starbucks story.

Starbucks online community case study: community building

How much engaged they are with the members?

Just giving a chance to the community members to get their story published hasn’t done the job for the Starbucks online community.  Other factors too have had their impact on the decision and one of them is giving prompt replies to the queries and questions raised by the members on various posts. They are very peculiar when you talk about replying to the queries raised by the members which have enhanced the engagement on the online community.

Online community members will always have a lot of questions on their mind and you need to have their answers in order to make sure that they are satiated. Only when you are able to come up with smart answers to the tricky questions, your online community will grow like the Starbucks online community. This is quite a lesson to learn for the newbie in the market who just put in blogs and are not attentive while listening and replying to the queries rose.

How has improved interface and user experience played a role?

Another very important thing that is needed to be kept in mind is how they have changed the interface and made it friendly to the users. Everyone likes to browse the websites that it can easily scroll through and makes an impact on him.

He must be able to easily find the topics that he is looking for without having to go through a number of pages. This is where the developers and managers of community shall be given credit as they have maintained a very smooth platform. This is one of the major reasons why Starbucks online community is leading the market and increasing members with every passing day.

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