How to make your online community more active?

Running an online community seems easy, but actually, it’s a difficult task to engage more and more people.  How to maintain the interest of older community members? How to attract new members to join your online community? There are so many things that you need to consider if you are running an online community for active members.

Here are top 5 tips for successfully growing an engaged online community:

Prompt response to comments or posts

People love the community where community members are more active and engaging.  They love to see people taking interest in their posts and responding to their comments. When you and your community members take an interest in the posts then more people will join your community. Everyone wants to become a part of a community where community members care and listen to each other.

Always focus on encouraging others to take part in posts. If you ’re active in the conversation then only you can suggest or ask others to join it.

Encourage content that focuses on your community members interest

First of all, find out the popular topics that your community members find interesting to read and respond.  Keep your community precise with content that suits your community, culture and engaged more and more community members.

It’s a good idea to share content on a daily basis that usually your active community members follow and share in their circles.

Ask for  “suggestion” or help with “something”

It is the best idea to grab the attention of your community members. Usually, most of the good conversations start in the online community when contributor asks for suggestion or help with something. Community Members actively take part and give their suggestions.

Make sure you’re building that type of environment around your community, community members feel comfortable in asking questions and helping others.

Don’t you think? It’s a good idea to increase the engagement in your online community.

Open to ideas

Contributors love to ask the opinion of community members related to their idea and blog.  When someone asks for ideas, try to give them the right help. So, the next time they come for help or idea again. This is the right way to make your community more popular and active.

 Say no to “inactivity”

People who are inactive in your community never responded to any of the posts and never leave comments.  You can set security or remove the inactive users that have 0% engagement in the community.  If you set the limit in your community, more people will get engaged in the posts.

Did You Know? You can set up your online community using WordPress. Now, you can set up an online community in an easier way using the WordPress free platform.

Here, we discuss Top 3 Most Popular WordPress Online Community Plugins:

UserPro – most popular community plugin

UserPro is the most popular plugin for WordPress Community Platform and most of the people prefer to use this one.  You can easily create a community with this plugin. It includes a variety of features like follow/unfollow users, signup, content restrictions, and many other features. It has around 16 add-ons that you can use as per your choice in your online community. UserPro has a fully responsive design and looks fabulous in any screen size. There are so many advantages of this popular WordPress plugin.

bb Press – WordPress plugin for forum

You can easily set up your own forum with this useful WordPress Plugin.  You can add a new WordPress user role called “ Participant”. These participants can create a topic on your forum.  It is an open source product and comes with a clean code.

BuddyPress – WordPress social network plugin

This awesome WordPress plugin is designed to use for a social network. This plugin can integrate with the bb Press to add a something extra like profiles to the community forum.

Nowadays, online communities are increasing very rapidly.  If you want to stay ahead in the crowd, then you need to make your community more active.

What are the main reasons why contributors come back to communities? Feel free to share your personal experiences with us!

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