Differences between online and real community

Online communities have become quite popular in the recent times and with every passing day. Things are getting better for these communities. The number of members attached with these communities is rising very sharply and there are even some communities that have an audience base of more than million. This is why people are quite confused about the online and real community and they are actually more inclined towards the online community.

There are so many reasons why these online communities have been able to make such a mark in the market. One of them is that it is quite easy to connect even with people who are very distant from you, something which is not possible with the real community. There are certain other prospects about the online community as well that make it such popular amongst the people across the globe.

There are some visible differences between online and real community and here is a look at some of them:

What is the number of audiences on both of them?

One of the most visible differences between an online community and a real community is the number of users that are attached with both of them. With the online community, the number of users that able there are in millions and on the real community, the number of users hardly exceeds a few thousands.

This is the first things that differentiate online and real community. The number of users on most of the online communities gets to extend millions. Especially in the past few years, these communities have become quite popular and they have become the actual communities.  On the real communities though, the number of users is not that much and they have become out of the sorts in the past few years.

People these days have become quite busy and this is why they have no real interest in joining the real communities. On the other hand, people have become digital in the recent times and this is why the craze for the online communities has increased very much. Even the new and upcoming communities are able to add up the numbers with ease and make their mark in the sector. Especially the communities like Starbucks online community have members that are in millions which is way more than any real community. Online communities have won it straight and fair when you talk about this community battle and they are real deal nowadays.

How easy it is to get together in real and online communities:

Another visible difference between online and real community is how easily you can have a get together. With the online community, you can get to create a pod cast with ease and add up members on the same. On the other hand though, with the real community, you need to make the plans well in advance in order to have a get together.

 The other thing with these get together is that one or the other member is always absent from the get together. This is why these communities are shutting down very quickly and turning online only. By going online, you can get to create the pod casts as well as group chats in no time. Especially in today’s time when people have no time, things have changed quickly and this is where the online communities are so crucial.

Especially when you are looking to start any business and the main aim of your community is to only promote your business, it is always better to choose the online method rather than real community. The reason is very simple as you can have a global reach and expand your base with ease. On the other hand, going for the real community will take you years to get the desired results and make things happen for your company.

Which of them opens a whole new world for you?

This is another common question that you have in mind when you chose between the online and real community.  With the real community, you only get to add up the numbers that are known to you or through some relatives only. With the online community though, you can just share the links on some of the popular social engines and websites which will help you to get some substantial members.

Thus, it gets to open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and thus make things so easy and compact for you. With the online communities, you can get to involve in a number of activities that people really get to enjoy and engage in.

How easy it is to promote both these communities?

Another very common question that you will have in mind when making the choice between the online and real community, is which one of them will be easier for you to promote. With the online community, the promotion is just so very easy as you can get to put the links on various popular social media websites to make them popular.

With the real communities though, it is a whole lot tougher. You need to personally reach up to people. Even there, you will need the assistance from the social media websites like Facebook and Instagram to make it popular.

 With the social communities, you just need to create a post and share it on various platforms and you will get sizable number of audience. Also, to make it even better, you can take help from your close friends and dear ones and ask them to share the same. With the real community, you need to personally make the visit and add members on your online community.

The debate between online and real community is long and contrasting and the fact is that online communities have now gone miles ahead. With the kind of features that are now available with them, they are the one that everyone shall bank upon when you are looking to start a new community.

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