5 ways to improve your online community security

Online communities have become so popular in the recent times and the online community security has never been so important. A great chunk of population including people from all ages is keenly interested in these communities. They tend to look for the views on the community before opting for any kind of product or services.

Thus, there are many people in the market that are coming up with online communities of their own. But there are so many important things that one needs to have a check upon before he starts an online community. The most important aspect to have a look on these days is the online community security.

With every passing day, online frauds and crimes are increasing. Thus, as an online community owner, you need to make sure that your and your members’ data is well protected. Online community security has become a very important aspect and every community owner is very careful about this very issue. You need to have a check on the members list in your community and get the better of any spammers and fraudsters in your online community. You need to have a check on the activities of the members on a daily basis. To help you further on this very issue, here is a look at some of the important points you need to remember to keep your online community safe and secure.

#1. Having a check on the attachment

One of the first things that you need to have a look upon is the attachment that is posted by the various members of your online community. Spammers tend to put spam links in their comments that can steal your data and also corrupt your online community. At the same time, it can also have an impact on the profile of other members in the community.

Thus, it is imperative for you to make sure that you are having a look on the comments posted and have a check on them before allowing them on the community. It will provide a great boost to the online community security and make sure that spammers are not able to steal important data.

#2. Making the switch form HTTP to HTTPS server

Another important thing that you should look to do is to make a switch from HTTP to more safe and secured HTTPS server. Making a switch to the HTTPS will make your website safe and secure. Thus, the chances of spammers breaching your security almost nullifies when you are on the HTTPS server.

#3. Making use of the security plugins

Another smart way to implement the security of your online community platform is by making sure that you have plugins for security. You can easily find the security plugins for your website no matter which platform is used for the designing.

You should also keep on updating the platform on a regular basis which makes sure that it has latest anti-spam software. It helps in keeping the spammers and cyber criminals at bay while keeping your community safe and secure. Most of the platforms have an additional free plugin for security and you should keep a watch on the same to be on the safer side.

#4. Making the audience aware about data security

The audience on your portal is the most important part of your online community. Thus, you should get to make sure that you make them aware and updated about the online spamming and data stealing. You can also opt for the Google and Facebook sign-in options for the members that help in making sure that the profile is genuine.

At the same time, it also enhances the way audience sign up for the community as it eliminates several intermediary steps.

#5. Backing up the data at regular intervals

Another practice that you should look to follow if you are looking to have a safe, secure and long-lasting online community is to back up the data at frequent intervals. The data of the community is your personal property. You should not completely rely on the company providing the hosting services to backup the data.

You can either manually back-up the data on regular intervals or make use of any additional plugin that will help in backing up the data. It will make sure that you have all your important data with you even in case of a cyber attack.

Online community security is a necessity. Make sure you pay enough attention to this, because an unsafe online community will not last for a long time!

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