10 best WordPress membership plugins of 2018

WordPress has become the best source of web designing and development across the globe. As a designer, you always have a plethora of opportunities around yourself when you are looking to make use of WordPress as the platform. There are various WordPress membership plugins available for you that are only going to make the job easier for you.

#1 – How about the UserPro plugin?

It is possibly the best option that you have in hand when you are talking about the WordPress membership plugins. It offers a plethora of opportunities to designers with its rich features such as easy setting up a social network and wider reach making it popular in the market.

They also integrate the third party apps to make things easier for you thus offering the ideal solution when it comes to creating an online community.

#2 – How about going for the WP eMember?

The second question that strikes in your mind is shall I go for WP eMember. It is another very good option that you have in hand when one talks about the WordPress membership plugins. It has a fully automated system that makes the job easier when you talk about adding posts and pages on the community page.

#3 – What about the MemberPress plugin?

Another common and popular option that you can opt for is the MemberPress plugin. It is as good as any other plugin available for you. The security control and advanced features in tagging and posting make MemberPress one of the most desirable plugins for the developers.

#4 – Why can S2Member be a good option?

S2Member is another popular platform which is quite popularly used by the developers and designers. It gives you easy restrictions on the roles and regulations of each and every user which is making use of the community.

#5 – Why should one go for Paid Memberships Pro?

This is another very popular option and is highly recommended for the designers that have a need to design community with an option of fund transfer.

It has the richest features when it comes to integration with apps such as PayPal. It also offers complete security to your community which is quite a key for you as a designer or community owner.

#6 – Why is Ultimate Member such a popular plugin?

As the name suggests, this plugin has some features that will make you fall in love with it as a community owner. If you want a simple and plain WordPress website to be transformed into a website with multi-functionality, then there are hardly any options that are better than the Ultimate Member plugin. It enriches your community with all the features it needs with ease and makes your community a popular one.

#7 – Why is Groups plugin installed so frequently by the users?

This is a common question these days. 20K active users are making use of this platform for their community. It is efficient as well as reliable and more important than anything is quite a flexible tool that makes the job easier for anyone. There is also an option to use the add-on features that makes it even a better option in the market.

#8 – How good is Membership 2 plugin?

Another question that may be in your mind is what if I want a plugin that is different from others. Membership 2 plugin gives you advanced set-up and security options. They help in restricting the access of the users as per your choice and delegation.

#9 – What about going for the Simple Membership?

Another million dollar question is what if you are looking to avoid these extravagant plugins and decide to go for the Simple Membership plugin. You may sacrifice a bit on the features. However, what makes this platform very popular is the security and user friendliness.

#10 – Why is Restrict Content Pro the right choice?

Last but by no means the least option that is highly suggested is Restrict Content Pro. It is an ideal plugin if you do not want the spammers or users with hidden intentions to droid the quality of your community. It helps in restricting the content access and thus makes the job easy for you.

There are many great WordPress membership plugins and it is hard to distinguish the best of them. It all depends on what you want your online to look like!

Can’t decide which WordPress membership plugin to choose? Try UserPro and create your online community today!

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