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Do you have a website? Or have you heard about membership sites? Chances are, because membership sites are found everywhere. It is every requirement for sites owner to be able to put restrictions to their sites and use different WordPress membership plugins. That way they will be able to maximize their site, which may contain important documents or files that they want to share to the public and some exclusively for members only. They can also limit membership, remove unnecessary members, categorized and control their access and most of all, give them the benefit of maximum profitability.

With the new technology, programmers were able to developed tools to enhance the functionality of your website, of course for a fee. They call this plugins. This trend is all over every industry from membership sites, discount shops and even online newspapers. However, there are many WordPress membership plugins in offered in the web, which is developed by different companies. All you have to do is choose which of those fits your requirements and budget.

Here are 10 awesome WordPress membership plugins you might be interested:

UserPro – User Profile WordPress Plugin. It is simply an all-in-one WordPress membership plugin to help you create a complete community site. UserPro offers beautiful front-end profiles, login and registration for WordPress. Besides these, UserPro comes with loads of other features like social connect and integration, viral marketing, user badges, verified accounts, content restriction, public/private activity feed and more. Create amazing user profiles like never before with UserPro which offers various customization option of profile at your disposal. Your guests can register and log in using their favorite social networking site: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and VK. You can restrict content at different levels from individual pages to the whole website. It is simply all-in-one plugin!

Please see how easy is to create custom login forms and fields for your WordPress site:


Other quite similar membership plugins:

Profile Builder. This one plugin is designed for front-end user registration, login and editing of profile. This is a very useful plugin, because it will allow you to create data through registration, for log-in purposes. This plugin will allow you to register the members profile in the front-end, so there is no need to do it in the default WordPress dashboard. They also are offering a “PRO” version, which contains more features.

MemberPress Membership Plugin. What makes this different from the others, is it’s capability to make you build a membership site from scratch. It has all the features, that will enable you to run a membership site. Features that allow restrictions to all access or selected content, manage unlimited users and selling unlimited number of products. There is also a features that enable support for the use of PayPal.

Users Ultra WordPress Plugin. The flexibility of this plugin, makes it an ideal tool to use in making and running an all in one, membership site. This will allow you to log in, through different social media platforms available in the internet.
This plugin is equipped with tool, that will allow you to customize fields, import and export users and restrict content,according to membership plan. It also offer a one- time payment scheme.

Guest Post Plugin. If you want your site to be guest friendly, which allows your guests to post their blog, this one is for you. This plugin so simple, that you can allow your guest to post their articles for a fee. Or you might want to automate receiving of guests post and allow pay posters to get blog in your platform.

Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin. It has tons of great features, that will add more value to your platform. It has a login/logout redirect capability, short code capability, user friendly design and email template to name a few.

User Meta. This is one of the best free user profile plugins for WordPress. It offers all of the basic and much-needed features for creating and setting up user profiles on WordPress. This can include login setup, user profile creation, and even premium membership pricing too. And as the admin of the WordPress website, you should also find this plugin very useful as well. This is because it allows you to manage the user profile data of your users rather easily.

User Profiles Made Easy plugin. This plugin will enable you to integrate login registration and front end profile with your WordPress. There is the capability to customize forms and fields, to much everything in your website. Popular for its member directory with searching capability, spam stopping capability and great support.

PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin. This plugin is best to restrict some users, on some content of the website. You can decide who can access certain area, by redirecting the users. Other features such as easy installation, responsive sort codes and 1 click lock, to hide your website.

WPEverest. If you need front-end user registration and login creation forms, then this is the plugin for WordPress that you need to get. It provides a simple and clean form that new users are able to fill up whenever they want to register for a profile on your website. The plugin also offers tons of options for simple profile customization for its users.

This are just 10 awesome WordPress membership plugins, but there are still more in the web. Companies continue to develop such WordPress membership plugins and other plugins to enable more functionality of every website. This brings great ease for the owner of the website in managing it and so for the users, in giving them easy to navigate website.

WordPress membership is now a good money material. With the fast development of technology, businesses now are racing to capture that large market online. Using a WordPress membership website, equipped with some of the plugins mentioned herein, businesses will have good time, going to their banks.

One of the reasons why some businesses logged behind in profitability is because they are not smart enough to capitalized technology to their advantage. They still maintain the old aged marketing tools, which limit their reach and functionality. Were as most successful companies has capitalized technology in every aspect of their businesses. They largely leverage on technology. From production, sales and marketing and human resources they all rely in the advancement of technology.

With the fast software development, software companies, programmers and designers, are racing to be able to provide the market, with easy, flexible, fast and fully responsive plugins. This will enable site or platform owners gain a large market share and maximized productivity.

This article may help you along the stressful task of choosing the right plugin for your platform. This makes your website/platform compete for market share in the web. Wear a big smile, because now you have the basic knowledge and know the tools which will bring you to the top.

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