Online brand communities: 5 best examples that you can draw inspiration from

Online communities have become so popular in the recent times that it has become one of the smartest business options for all those looking to indulge in a new venture. There are so many facets and niches where you can get to work upon if you are talking about online brand communities. You just need to explore the options available and indulge in an activity where you think you have a chance to make a mark. You shall follow your passion and turn it into your business which is one of the best ways to succeed.

How about going for the PlayStation community?

This is one of the best options for you if you are looking to start a play station business. PlayStation is one business that will never go out of fashion and there are people looking for tricks, cheats and hacks. Sony has created a mark in the play station community and is heavily liked by users from across the globe. So, by creating an online community, you can take up all this issues and help the players to raise their game level.

At the same time, you can also promote the new games that are launched through your portals and gain some good members via this route. You shall have some expert writers to help you with the blogs and other important content in order to make a mark on everyone. You shall also reach out to your friends and loved ones to turn to your communities in order to enhance the number of active users in the community which in turn will enhance further users for your page.

What about communities for teenage girl?

This is another area where you can engage especially if you are a women entrepreneur looking to help the young teenage girls.  Being girl is one example of a highly successful online community for the girls that has made its mark over the course of 20 years.

The community started way back in 2000 to help the teenage girls and their problems. Moreover it was like a big sister for those girls and has helped many a girls. With the time, the community has only got stronger and there are many people who are contributing to the success of the society. There are now users that are helping with each other’s problem and thus making the initiative a grand success. This is why it has become a benchmark for the online brand communities. It is gaining more success with each and every day.

What about a community for a coffee store?

It might seem like a foolish idea to you at the start but if you will look at the example of My Starbuck Idea from the biggest coffee brand in the world Starbuck, it won’t look any more foolish. The community is ranked amongst the top 10 communities such has been the fan following of the community.

The community has as many as 150000 members and they are providing suggestions regularly over the improvement. They have helped with innovative ideas such as peach green lemonade tea as well as free Wi-Fi services in the stores. The number of ideas that are implemented from the community is a staggering 300 and this has helped the business of Starbucks on a huge scale. Furthermore, the company is regularly listening and acting on the ideas that are given by the members and is reaping the rewards of the same. So, it is not a bad idea for you to start something like Starbucks

What about a web development community?

If you are looking to develop a community for web development, then you must listen the success story of the oracle community. The community is probably the biggest online community with millions of users that are regularly coming up with suggestions and vital tricks for the betterment of the community.

It has become the forum where the users can put across their questions and with such a wide base, they are getting help from the experts. The members are also sharing their own stories and building a network of their own. So, there is no reason why you as a web developer have an online community of your own that will allow the users to connect and help them overall. It is one of the best ideas to have innovative online brand communities that just don’t benefit you as a business person but leads to overall improvement of everyone.

What about community for the car lovers?

This is another very smart idea and you can follow the example of Harley Owners group. It is one of the most successful online communities. It shows the enthusiasm of the fans towards the Harley Davidson. For the members, its more than a group, it’s a culture that has been followed from decades and this has helped in enhancing the sales and performance of the group as well.

Many innovative ideas have come from the group that are actually been implemented and have lead to tremendous success. There are many other niches as well and you can draw inspiration from groups such as Lugnet (Lego), Norstrom1901, Figment (Random House) amongst others to come up with your own. So, you just need passion, devotion and time to succeed with an online community and if you have all this, you must create one for your business.

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