Best ways to increase traffic to your website

Website traffic is an essential factor that indicates your business growth. Does it give an idea of how well your marketing is working? And if your page is doing good, then your conversions will increase, and you will get more customers. To achieve these benefits, you need the traffic should be directed to your website. So, here are different ways to drive traffic to your website:

1. Create a Free Google My Business Listing

It is a fact that an optimized Google My Business listing gets 7 times more visits. So list links to your website and get more traffic to your website. If your listing provides all of the information to a customer according to his requirements, then he will again come to your website and becomes your regular viewer.

2. Build Backlinks

A backlink takes the viewer from your website to another website. Backlinks will get your business to a broader audience and also drive traffic to your website. Google also uses a strategy that picks up on backlinks and then increases its trust in your business. If you become trusted by Google, then it leads to higher rankings, which leads to more traffic.

3. Start Email Marketing

You can keep in touch with your customers by sending out regular newsletters and promoting offers to them through emails. From this, you will get more traffic to your website. If you provide useful information to the viewers and links to pages on your website, then there they can learn more, such as through blog posts and visits again to your site.

4. Through SEO’S:

The aim of every digital marketer is to design a high converting landing page. The objective of the landing page is to make the visitors visit another page on your site or get visitors to buy or learn something. To attract viewers, you have not only to post regularly, but you also need to target the right audience and get them highly engaged with your message. Traffic on your website will increase when you keep engaging viewers on your site and make some valuable content available to them from that they can learn something.

5. Target your keywords:

A keyword is a term that is used in the search engine to find some relevant information about your keyword. You can start making keywords by making a list of the words that are relevant to your webpage. Like I am an Electrician in Mumbai, and I am creating a landing page targeting the persons who are willing to repair their electronic products or needs some electronic materials then instead of going for broader terms, I will try for “Electronic Repair Shop in Mumbai” or “Electricians near me” or something more precise. Long-tail keywords are easy to rank, and they will result in higher rankings.

Place keywords strategically on your landing page:

After choosing the targeting keywords, the other important step is how to place them strategically on the landing page?

  • Title tag:

It is the first blue ink clickable text of a given result that you will see on the SERP. Title tags are essential, as it tells the user what the page is about. It is necessary to make it crisp and in line with content; otherwise, it will affect the bounce rate of the webpage.

  •  Meta Description:

It is a short description of the page. From the meta description, the viewer gets about the content of whether this is the right website, which will lead to his results or not? So, Meta description plays a very critical role in generating website visits. An excellent meta description will undoubtedly bring more traffic to your website homepage.

6. Through Social Media:

Social media is a great way to uplift your website’s rank. You should target as many social media platforms as you can to increase the ranking of your website and to drive traffic towards you but in an economical way. You will be rewarded only when you will show patience and regularity to your work on advertising on social media advertising, and you need to be active on social media and push out the right messages to communicate with your viewers.

Social media is today’s best place of promotion, and it increases your revenue when a lot of viewers start visiting your site. But before that, you should know that on which social media platform is more active and then target more on that platform to reach your target audience. There is no benefit in spending your time and money on platforms where your audience is not active. For example, if your website is linked to fashion e-commerce like Shoes, Jeans, Shirts, Watches, etc. the 

Instagram will be the ideal place to reach your customers, and Instagram is sufficient for professional services.


HASHTAGS connects you with your targeted audience and the followers with each other also. Though hashtag is very simple, it is instrumental, and now it has grown as an extraordinary marketing tool. Your audience can easily connect with you while searching by just putting a hashtag before their search, and even your website will get more views after using a hashtag. So, only by using a hashtag you will get more visibility of viewers, promotion of your site becomes more comfortable, and you will get more traffic on your website.

8. Content strategy:

Google always favors great content over a short one. So, try to focus on maintaining quality and quantity. Your content should be well researched and informative, then the length of your content will automatically increase. So, it will maximize your chances of winning the race on SERP.

So, there was 8 best ways that you can use to drive traffic to your website.

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