8 best online art communities: what can we learn from them?

Online art community inspire and motivate you. They make you learn and create art in a more interesting way. If you love art, then being surrounded with like-minded people can offer an overwhelming experience, especially if you are trying to improvise. So, what are the best online art communities recommended for art lovers?


Possibly one of the best online art communities to join! Artist of all levels can join in here, find artists they want to and interact. The website is highly intuitive and is recommended for organization and collecting your artists finds. For those looking to organize an online art community, they should see that the site never misses any details related to artists. There is a section for new and unseen work. The front page showcases your personal interest i.e. people you follow.

The site offers every user a customized home page with several widgets. When you follow an artist, you can select to follow their images, posts, forum posts etc. Hence, it gives you a chance to refine your stalker-ness level. All in all, it is a big community to showcase your talent and find like-minded people.


For those who wish to improve their art no matter it is 3D, digital or anything, Conceptart.org is just one of the best online art communities for you. Yes, you will get critiques here and they will be honest and genuine! You may even get your piece ripped apart, so be brave!

The site is forum based. User can design their personal thread and make their showcase gallery too. There are some or the other community activities or challenges going around. The site also hosts a perfect fine art class system by the name Level Up! So, if you are looking to make an art community as Conceptart.org, then make sure you offer honest critiques like it.


An amazing way to show your art and share your artwork you love and get inspired from is Tumblr. It has a wide user base and countless communities. Your new content is streamed in the major feed for all your followers and your followers re-blog them so that their followers can view it. Tumblr is an amazing place to display your art, especially for those who have numerous followers who can re-blog your art.

As it is a re-blog based site, it doesn’t have an interacting support. However, it is an amazing place to share and discover art pieces and if you want to create a site like Tumblr, then you need to have a huge audience base.


For those interested in 2D and 3D artwork, CGSociety is the best online art communities for you. It gives you access to artwork from digital entertainment industry. You have several classes by the name CGWorkshops where professional train you. The classes are for those serious about learning art. The forum is an amazing option to display your 2D and 3D talent, ask queries and take part in fun challenges.

So, for someone looking forward to make a site like CGSociety should focus on 2D and 3D artwork and offer technical knowledge too.


For 3D art lovers, PolyCount is a must place to join. The forum is very busy and is an amazing location to learn. People offer critiques here and provide answers to technical queries. It is a staple community and has intense competition with prizes.

If you are willing to create something as competitive as Polycount, then you can also include competitions with prizes on your online art community.


Behance showcases your artwork in a professional manner. The other communities mentioned above are casual but Behance is just for professional quality work. You can create your personal gallery to get highest professional exposure.

So, if you are looking to make something for serious art lovers, then go for a community like Behnace!


Though a new online art community, but it has gained quite fame. It is a place to display photography, art fashion etc. Artists promote their work and interact with the members, participate in competition and discover other artist’s work. You have amazing pieces to take inspiration from right from high-end photography to doodle work.

So, for those interested in setting up an online community for all kinds of artwork, they should definitely try going for something like Ello


An amazing website and community to showcase images, videos, GIFs artwork in the world is Pinterest. The idea behind this community is to let people share their ideas and allow others to take inspiration from it. You will find all types of artwork here. However, it is not much of a community because you don’t have discussion forums here. But, you can definitely appreciate the other artists work and repost them multiple times

Though Pinterest isn’t much like an art community, but of course someone who wishes to create an online community with the platform like Pinterest will do wonders. Include a forum to discuss the art works amongst artists.

These are the best online art communities for art lovers. If you wish to start an online art community, then take ideas from the ones given above and make something highly intuitive and functional. Surely it will grab the eye balls of art lovers and they will definitely reach out to your community.

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