3 biggest online communities: what we can learn from them?

Internet is a vast source of knowledge with billions of pages and online communities about every imaginable topic. But, its biggest power is to connect people to that info. Look for your favorite site – the URL which you reflexively check when you get bored. Odds are it is more of a community packed with regularly updated info: new stories, new photos, new data, and new videos. etc. which you may need.

These communities and network make internet alive. They work as a community where you can trade info, talk to likeminded people, boost your skills and gain knowledge. No matter you are a designer, coder or entrepreneur, here are some of the biggest online community segments which you need to connect and learn from your peers on the internet.


Previously, newspapers editors worked as gatekeepers for what they provided as news. However, online things are different. Websites such as Reddit have transformed internet to a vote driven location, where people can upvote and downvote things they like and dislike respectively. Reddit’s is amazing for memes, GIFs videos, some topics and has links and discussions area too.

But, if you want to sharpen your skills and create a business, you need a Reddit-inspired website which focuses on links and discussions from which you can learn. Every site has voting and comment section to help you get a focused community to hone your skills.

It is a home to endless conversations and genuine human connection. Whether it is about breaking news, sports news, or never ending stream of any chain of information, you have it on Reddit.


Yahoo! answers may often be seen in search results, but people can get better than this if they have marketing questions or programming skills. And, when you do a specific Google Search, it is likely to point out to the Stack Overflow, where you have the professionals or experts answering your questions and upvote answers and provide comments to make you feel confident.

So, rather than shouting to your questions, Quora is one site where you ask your questions and discover the answers within seconds.

You can easily get answers for any and every question you ask on Quora. It is an online community set to provide the best answer to any question. Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, the co-founders of Quora started it to help people share knowledge and info, the unique details stuck in your head. When you think of it, you can say that possibly, 90% of the knowledge which people have is still in their heads and not online. So, they aim to gather that info out of people’s head so that anyone who needs it can directly access it on the internet, making Quuora a valuable database to gain knowledge.

Quora is the best option to give yourself a course in topics like raising funds, space exploration, currencies, business strategy, technology, searching for a co-founder, bargaining equity etc.

Online Geniuses

So, if you are looking for an immediate answer in real-time from anyone who is equally interested in your preferred topic? Group IRC chat rooms have been around for quite some time and Slack just rejuvenated team chat as one of the most amazing ways to make connections on the internet. You don’t have to wait for answers or wait for your posts to get up voted, you can get an answer immediately.

Online Geniuses was a Skype community before Slack groups where online marketers used to talk about business and different strategies and share their stories. When it started gaining popularity, one of the members started Slack. You can join discussions with ten hundreds of industry professionals and seek real advice. There are CEOs, marketing managers, executives and VCs. With thousands of posts every day, you can get answers of SEO, PPC, email marketing and much more.

More communities

That’s more sample of the best online communities, you have thousands of more. Though Reddit, Quora and Stack Overflow may be the most famous, but there are forums, Hacker News, subreedits where you can learn all about building and promoting your projects and interacting with like-minded people. Of course, you need to choose some to focus on. You cannot join all the groups.

How does community building online help?

Online brand communities add engagement and sales. 80 percent of people state that it is the authenticity which motivates them to be faithful towards a brand. Thus, when you are creating an interactive community, make sure you put upfront effort. It provides a gold mine of opportunities for advertising and marketing people.

More and more brands rule online communities and enjoy the advantage of consumer insights and loyalty. In the coming time, more online communities will develop. It will be like a bustling city with innovative ideas, suggestions, support and advice being exchanged and passed around.

However, selecting the right technology to assist online communities is of major significance and can cause the success and failure of the community. Make sure the environment and simple to use. It is hassle free! The aim of the technology is to serve the community. Your technology should be transparent for the learner as well as the instructor.

With the rise in more and more people to gain knowledge about things and stuff and evolving technology, the success of online community is pretty sure. All you need to do is consider the learners and their rising learning needs to use technology to create efficient learning.

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