UserBookmarks – WordPress Bookmarks Plugin

This is a standalone WordPress plugin for the UserPro User Bookmarks addon here.

It has the same features of the bookmarks addon and does not require UserPro to be installed – so it can be used standalone on any WordPress site.

User Bookmarks plugin will allow users to bookmark any content they want, posts, forum topics, custom posts, and also manage their bookmarks into collections. The plugin offers a simple way to show the bookmarks and bookmark widget and can be integrated into any theme.

Use your account or login with demo account (username: test password: test) to add/manage bookmarks and collections. If you are looking for some dummy posts to bookmark, you can try all forum topics or example post. (you can choose which post types can be bookmarked).

The essentials:

  • Works with any custom post type;
  • Ajax-powered, very fast execution;
  • Users can create their favorite collections and choose to set them up as private or public (visible to all);
  • Show the bookmark widget via dynamic sidebar widget;
  • Show the bookmark widget via automatic mode below post content (you can customize which post types are allowed and exclude certain posts);
  • Show the bookmark widget via shortcode [bookmark];
  • Users can manage their collections and view bookmarks with a simple shortcode: [collections];
  • Shortcodes/PHP methods to display the bookmark widget/collections;
  • Comes with its own API for advanced use.

Users can favorite or bookmark posts, products, forum topics as well as any custom post types.

  • Free future updates
  • Regular license
  • 6 months technical support
  • Quality checked by Envato