UserPro comes with Social Features built-in!

The social features of UserPro adds neat creativity on your site. Follow, unfollow features, a stream showing real activity by users on the site, with various activities logged. It also offers a private activity stream available to logged in user.

In addition, It adds followers list, and following list shortcodes/pages automatically. So you can track your followers, followed users, and let others do the same!

Social Features Included:

  • Follow / Unfollow Features
  • Display Public Activity Stream
  • Display private activity stream (for logged in user)
  • Several activities are logged including new post, new comment, new registration, new follow, or stop follow, page or post update, etc.
Public Activity Stream
Karthick Devhas published a post on socialwall."My post"
11 hours ago
Karthick Devhas just registered!
11 hours ago
UserProtesthas published a post on socialwall."My post"
14 hours ago
Emre Taştanhas just registered!
23 hours ago
Wagner Brennerhas just registered!
1 day ago