About Private messages for WordPress

Add a private messaging system to your UserPro community using the Private messages for WordPress addon. It lets members initiate chats and interact with each other, to keep the community more lively and engaging.

Key features:-

1. Ability to send private messages
2. Quick Reply
3. Send emoticons in private messages
4. Broadcast messages to the entire community
5. Ability to block/ unblock other users from sending private messages

How It works?

On this page, we automatically logged you in as a test account to speed up the Messaging feature test. On the right, this is a sample of your profile; the My Messages button lets you trigger your conversations list.

You will also see new messages notification in both, your profile and a slick animation on the bottom.

Can I trigger my messages from any custom link?

Absolutely! Try the following button to show your messages/conversations with a custom link.

My Messages

How can I chat and text other members?

Well, you can already chat with other members by clicking the chat icon either on their badges, profile, or member directory, etc.

Besides that, you can create any dynamic and custom link to chat with any user you want. For example, as a test user, you can chat/text me easily with the following button 😉

Message me now!

Love the messaging? Is it COOL?

Private Messages for WordPress is a cool add-on, it moves your UserPro powered site to another level by letting people interact with each other, awesome new message notifications and easily initiate chats and reply to messages. You get this unique app for just $14 at Codecanyon.

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